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Geochemical survey of the Colpitas-Taapaca volcanic-hydrothermal system, northern Chile

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Manuel Inostroza (1,2), Franco Tassi (3,4), José Sepúlveda (3), Francesco Capecchiacci (3), Andrea l. RIzzo (5) & FelIpe Aguilera (2,6,7)

Italian Journal of Geosciences - Vol. June 2015

Geochemical characterization of the ground waters from the former Hg-mining area of Abbadia San Salvatore (Mt. Amiata, central Italy): criticalities and perspectives for the reclamation process

Volume 134 (2015) f.2

Orlando Vaselli (1), (2), Barbara Nisi (3), Daniele Rappuoli (4), Francesco Bianchi (5), Jacopo Cabassi (1), Stefania Venturi (1), Franco Tassi (1), (2) & Brunella Raco (3)

Pages: 304-322