This page contains special issues of Italian Journal of Geosciences.

From the Tethyan Margin to Alpine Orogeny across the Northern African margin: Geodynamics, Tectonosedimentary Evolution, and Georesources

Guest editors: Gharbi M., Gabtni H., Soua M., Mickus K., Bouzid A., Mridekh A.

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Field Mapping and Stratigraphy: significant insights from the geologic record

Guest editors: Cipriani A., Fabbi S., Zuffetti C.

First published: October 2023 - Last updated: June 2024

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The geosciences perspective on seismic response assessment and application to risk mitigation

Guest editors: Vignaroli G., Di Giulio G., Esposito C., Moscatelli M., Pagliaroli A.

First published: October 2021 - Last updated: February 2022

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Continental rifting and associated magmatism in space and time

Guest editors: Corti G., Pagli C., Sani F., Braschi E., Gioncada A., Keir D.

First published: October 2022 - Last updated: February 2023

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