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vol. June 2019

In search of the Burdigalian GSSP: new evidence from the Contessa Section (Italy)

Volume 138 (2019) f.2

Alessio Fabbrini (1), Niccolò Baldassini (2), Chiara Caricchi (3), Luca Maria Foresi (1) (4), Leonardo Sagnotti (3), Jaume Dinarès-Turell (3), Agata Di Stefano (2), Fabrizio Lirer (5), Marco Menichetti (6), Aldo Winkler (3) & Salvatore Distefano (2)

Pages: 274-295
vol. February 2016

Geological map of the eastern sector of the Gorgoglione Basin (southern Italy)

Volume 135 (2016) f.1

Paolo Giannandrea (*), Francesco Loiacono (**), Patrizia Maiorano (**), Fabrizio Lirer (***) & Diego Puglisi (****)

Pages: 120-141