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Italian Journal of Geosciences - Vol. February 2016

Geological map of the eastern sector of the Gorgoglione Basin (southern Italy)

Volume 135 (2016) f.1

Paolo Giannandrea (*), Francesco Loiacono (**), Patrizia Maiorano (**), Fabrizio Lirer (***) & Diego Puglisi (****)

Pages: 120-141
Italian Journal of Geosciences - Vol. February 2014

Mineralogy and Geochemistry of the Numidian Formation (Central-Northern Sicily): intra-formation variability and provenance evaluation

Volume 133 (2014) f.1

Giovanni Barbera(*), Germana Barone(*), Paolo Mazzoleni(*), Diego Puglisi(*), Hassan M. Khozyem(**) & Osama Mashaly(***)

Pages: 13-26