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Italian Journal of Geosciences - Vol. June 2020

An outline of the geology of the Northern Apennines (Italy), with geological map at 1:250,000 scale

Volume 139 (2020) f.2

Paolo Conti (1), Gianluca Cornamusini (1) & Luigi Carmignani (1)

Pages: 149-194
Italian Journal of Geosciences - Vol. October 2018

The Late Oligocene to Early Miocene foredeep basin system evolution of the Northern Apennines (Emilia-Tuscany, Italy): review and new litho- and biostratigraphic data

Volume 137 (2018) f.3

Gianluca Cornamusini (1,2), Paolo Conti (1,2) & Anna Maria Bambini (1)

Pages: 396-419
Italian Journal of Geosciences - Vol. October 2013

Ligurian-derived olistostrome in the Pseudomacigno Formation of the Stazzema Zone (Alpi Apuane, Italy). Geological implications at regional scale

Volume 132 (2013) f.3

Etta Patacca(*), Paolo Scandone(*), Paolo Conti(**),(***), Sergio Mancini(***) & Giovanni Massa(***)

Pages: 463-476