Italian Journal of Geosciences - Vol. 128 (2009) f.1

Overview of the workshop. «Rischio sismico nella Lombardia orientale». «Seismic risk in Eastern Lombardy»

Anna Feriani(*)(**), Alberto Clerici(*) & Maurizio Tira(*)
(*) Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture, Land and Environment (DICATA), via Branze, 43 - 25123 Brescia. (**) E-mail:

Volume: 128 (2009) f.1
Pages: 175-178


The presentation briefly describes the workshop «Rischio sismico nella Lombardia orientale» («Seismic risk in eastern Lombardy») that took place at the University of Brescia on Dec 5th 2006. The first session's presentations are related to the works presented in this section of the journal. For the sake of completeness, the presentations of the second session and the round table discussion are also briefly outlined.


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