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Italian Journal of Geosciences - Vol. June 2023

Early Cretaceous palynoflora from palaeotropics of NE Africa (correlation and significance): an example from the Shushan Basin, Egypt

Volume 142 (2023) f.2

Magdy S. Mahmoud, Miran M. Khalaf, Abdel-Rahim M.M. Moawad & Amal A. Temraz

Pages: 165-182
Italian Journal of Geosciences - Vol. June 2020

The Carboniferous-mid Permian successions of the Northern Apennines: new data from the Pisani Mts. inlier (Tuscany, Italy)

Volume 139 (2020) f.2

Federico Marini (1), Enrico Pandeli (1,2), Marco Tongiorgi (3), Elena Pecchioni (1) & Letizia Orti (1)

Pages: 212-232
Italian Journal of Geosciences - Vol. February 2010

The study of large erratic boulders casts new light on some glacial palaeogeography problems in the Apuan Alps (Tuscany, Italy)

Volume 129 (2010) f.1

Paolo Roberto Federici(*) (withthecollaborationofBarbaraFontanini)

Pages: 91-100