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vol. June 2019

A dynamic analysis of Middle Pleistocene human walking gait adjustment and control

Volume 138 (2019) f.2

Gerard Saborit (1), Alessandro Mondanaro (2,3), Marina Melchionna (2), Carmela Serio (2), Francesco Carotenuto (2), Stefano Tavani (2), Maria Modafferi (2), Adolfo Panarello (4), Paolo Mietto (5), Pasquale Raia (2) & Adrià Casinos (1)

Pages: 231-238
vol. October 2015

Extensional fold-related fracturing in the Armeña rollover (Cotiella Massif, Southern Pyrenees)

Volume 134 (2015) f.3

Stefano Tavani (*), Berta López-Mir (**) (***) & Josep A. Muñoz (**)

Pages: 458-473