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vol. October 2014

Mid-Eocene mass-wasting mélanges in the context of wrench faulting along the oblique-convergent Corsica-Sardinia margin

Volume 133 (2014) f.3

Francesco Massari (*) & Iginio Dieni (*)

Pages: 381-395
vol. February 2012

Persististrombus latus (GMELIN) in the upper Pleistocene deposits of the marine terraces of the Crotone peninsula (southern Italy)

Volume 131 (2012) f.1

Ronald Nalin(*), Valentina Alice Bracchi(**), Daniela Basso(**) & Francesco Massari(***)

Pages: 95-101
vol. February 2011

Discussion on «The Sardinia-Corsica microplate and its role in the Northern Apennine Geodynamics: new insights from the Tertiary intraplate strike-slip tectonics of Sardinia» by G. Oggiano, A. Funedda, L. Carmignani & S. Pasci (2009)

Volume 130 (2011) f.1

Iginio Dieni(*) & Francesco Massari(*)

Pages: 136-138
vol. October 2011

Calcareous Nannofossil and Planktonic Foraminifera Biostratigraphy of selected Piacenzian-Gelasian Laminites from Southern Italy

Volume 130 (2011) f.3

Enrico Di Stefano(*), Luca Capraro(**), Alessandro Incarbona(*), Francesco Massari(**), Rodolfo Sprovieri(*) & Sergio Bonomo(***)

Pages: 343-351
vol. October 2010

A revision of the stratigraphy and geology of the south-western part of the Crotone Basin (South Italy)

Volume 129 (2010) f.3

Francesco Massari(*), Giacomo Prosser(**), Luca Capraro(*), Eliana Fornaciari(*), Chiara Consolaro(***) & (*)

Pages: 353-384