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Italian Journal of Geosciences - Vol. June 2020

Oligocene-Miocene volcanism in the Apennines: discovery and characterization of a baryte and Ba-rich phillipsite bed in the lower part of the Ranzano Formation (Reggio Emilia, Italy)

Volume 139 (2020) f.2

Daniele Malferrari (1), Alessandro F. Gualtieri (1), Filippo Panini (1) & Chiara Fioroni (1)

Pages: 287-299
Italian Journal of Geosciences - Vol. June 2016

Depositional history of the Epiligurian wedge-top basin in the Val Marecchia area (northern Apennines, Italy): a revision of the Burdigalian-Tortonian succession

Volume 135 (2016) f.2

Stefano Conti (*), Chiara Fioroni (*), Daniela Fontana (*) & Claudia Grillenzoni (*)

Pages: 324-335