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Tectonic Controls on Sedimentary system along the Continental Slope of the central and southeastern Tyrrhenian Sea

On Line First

Fabiano Gamberi (1), Giacomo Della Valle (1), Michael Marani (1), Alessandra Mercorella (1), Salvatore Distefano (2) & Agata Di Stefano (2)

vol. February 2015

Habitat mapping of cold seeps associated with authigenic mineralization (Paola Ridge, southern Tyrrhenian Sea): combining seafloor backscatter with biogeochemistry signals

Volume 134 (2015) f.1

Marzia Rovere (*), Heba Rashed (**), Elena Pecchioni (**), Alessandra Mercorella (*), Alessandro Ceregato (*), Elisa Leidi (*), Fabiano Gamberi (*), Orlando Vaselli (**) & (***)

Pages: 23-31