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Italian Journal of Geosciences - Vol. February 2010

Subterraniphyllum and free-living Neogoniolithon (coralline algae) from the Oligocene reef facies of Costa d'Ovada (Tertiary Piedmont Basin, Alessandria, NW Italy)

Volume 129 (2010) f.1

Grazia Vannucci(*), Massimiliano Testa(**), Michele Piazza(*) & Paolo Pastorino(***)

Pages: 4-14
Italian Journal of Geosciences - Vol. June 2009

Climatic and tectonic control on the distribution of the Oligocene reefs of the Tertiary Piedmont Basin (NW Italy)

Volume 128 (2009) f.2

Francesca Quaranta(*), Michele Piazza(*) & Grazia Vannucci(*)

Pages: 587-591