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vol. June 2017

Magmatic and geodynamic significance of two volcaniclastic deposits in the Oligo-Miocene successions of the Southern Apennines (Italy)

Volume 136 (2017) f.2

Raffaele Giordano (1), Alfredo Caggianelli (1), Roberto Sulpizio (1) (2), Maria Laura Balestrieri (3), Patrizia Maiorano (1) & Luigi Solari (4)

Pages: 157-170
vol. June 2017

New insights on the structural setting of the Monte Alpi area, Basilicata, Italy

Volume 136 (2017) f.2

Vincenzo La Bruna (1,2), Fabrizio Agosta (1,2) & Giacomo Prosser (1)

Pages: 220-237
vol. October 2017

1876-1881: Domenico Lovisato and the geology of Calabria (Southern Italy)

Volume 136 (2017) f.3

Simone Fabbi (1), Fabiana Console (2) & Marco Pantaloni (3)

Pages: 471-484
vol. February 2016

Geological map of the eastern sector of the Gorgoglione Basin (southern Italy)

Volume 135 (2016) f.1

Paolo Giannandrea (*), Francesco Loiacono (**), Patrizia Maiorano (**), Fabrizio Lirer (***) & Diego Puglisi (****)

Pages: 120-141
vol. February 2015

Determining the way-up of the Monte Facito Formation using new sedimentological data from the "La Cerchiara" succession,Southern Apennines

Volume 134 (2015) f.1

Giuseppe Palladino (*)

Pages: 120-133
vol. February 2014

Pliocene to Quaternary evolution of the Ofanto Basin in southern Italy: an approach based on the unconformity-bounded stratigraphic units

Volume 133 (2014) f.1

Paolo Giannandrea(*), Maria Marino(**), Maria Romeo(***) & Marcello Schiattarella(*)

Pages: 27-44
vol. June 2013

Shallow-marine systems in a wedge-top basin setting: an example from the middle-upper Pliocene deposits of the Southern Apennines mountain front (Basilicata region, South Italy)

Volume 132 (2013) f.2

Mariangela Pepe(*) & Salvatore Gallicchio(**)

Pages: 304-320