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vol. February 2017

A mandible of Tapirus arvernensis from Central Italy

Volume 136 (2017) f.1

Luca Pandolfi (*) & Tassos Kotsakis (*)

Pages: 136-138
vol. June 2017

Calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy: a tool for understanding the stratigraphic evolution of the Mt. Modino Unit (Northern Apennines, Italy)

Volume 136 (2017) f.2

Alessandra Marchi (1), Rita Catanzariti (2) & Luca Pandolfi (1)(2)

Pages: 171-185
vol. June 2015

Geology of the Monte Amiata region, Southern Tuscany, Central Italy

Volume 134 (2015) f.2

Michele Marroni (1), (5), Giovanna Moratti (2), Armando Costantini (3), Sandro Conticelli (4), (2), Marco G. Benvenuti (4), (2), Luca Pandolfi (1), (5), Marco Bonini (2), Gianluca Cornamusini (3) & Marinella A. Laurenzi (5)

Pages: 171-199
vol. June 2015

Updated picture of the Ligurian and Sub-Ligurian units in the Mt. Amiata area (Tuscany, Italy): elements for their correlation in the framework of the Northern Apennines

Volume 134 (2015) f.2

Michele Marroni (*), (***), Enrico Pandeli (**), (****), Luca Pandolfi (*), (***) & Rita Catanzariti (***)

Pages: 200-218
vol. June 2009

Oligocene-Miocene foredeep deposits in the Lake Trasimeno area (Central Italy): insights into the evolution of the Northern Apennines

Volume 128 (2009) f.2

Marco Barsella(*), Arnaldo Boscherini(**), Flavia Botti(*), Michele Marroni(*)(***), Francesca Meneghini(*), Andrea Motti(**), Silvia Palandri(*) & Luca Pandolfi(*)(***)

Pages: 341-352