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vol. June 2016

Testing two open-source photogrammetry software as a tool to digitally preserve and objectively communicate significant geological data: the Agolla case study (Umbria-Marche Apennines)

Volume 135 (2016) f.2

Angelo Cipriani (*), Paolo Citton (*), Marco Romano (*) & Simone Fabbi (*)

Pages: 199-209
vol. February 2015

Dinosaur and crocodylomorph footprints from the Hojedk Formation (Bajocian, Middle Jurassic) of north Kerman, Central Iran

Volume 134 (2015) f.1

Nasrollah Abbassi (*), Simone D'Orazi Porchetti (**), Alexander Wagensommer (***) & Mahdi Ghorbani Dehnavi (****)

Pages: 86-94
vol. June 2014

The significance of Longobucco Unit (Calabria-Peloritani Arc) in the evolution of the Ionian and Alpine Oceans

Volume 133 (2014) f.2

Leonsevero Passeri (*), Gloria Ciarapica (*), Letizia Reggiani (**) & David C. Rutledge (***)

Pages: 249-270
vol. February 2012

Jurassic carbonate depositional systems of the Mt. Catria-Mt. Acuto area (Umbria-Marche Apennines, Italy)

Volume 131 (2012) f.1

Ugo Donatelli(*) & Mario Tramontana(*)

Pages: 3-18
vol. February 2011

Dinosaur tracks in a marginal marine environment: the Coste dell'Anglone ichnosite (Early Jurassic, Trento Platform, NE Italy)

Volume 130 (2011) f.1

Fabio Massimo Petti(*), (**), Massimo Bernardi(*), Paolo Ferretti(*), Riccardo Tomasoni(*) & Marco Avanzini(*)

Pages: 27-41
vol. June 2009

Tectonometamorphic evolution of the ophiolitic sequences from Northern Calabrian Arc

Volume 128 (2009) f.2

Francesca Liberi(*) & Eugenio Piluso

Pages: 483-493
vol. June 2009

Geodynamic evolution of the Jurassic Ligurian Tethys viewed from the Mantle perspective

Volume 128 (2009) f.2

Giovanni B. Piccardo(*)

Pages: 565-574